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UP Address Verify – WooCommerce address validation plugin!

The UP Address Verify incorporates address validation using the ZIP code, state, and country information by leveraging the power of the Google Geocoding API. This integration enhances the accuracy and reliability of address data entered by customers during the checkout process.

When customers provide their address details, the WooCommerce system initiates a validation process using the Google Geocoding API. This API is a powerful tool that converts addresses into geographic coordinates, allowing for precise location identification.

Firstly, the plugin validates the ZIP code entered by the customer. It sends a request to the Google Geocoding API, which verifies the provided ZIP code against a comprehensive database. This validation ensures that the ZIP code is valid and exists within the specified country.

Next, the plugin validates the state information. It passes the state name and the ZIP code to the Google Geocoding API, which cross-checks the state against the provided ZIP code. This step confirms the accuracy of the state information provided by the customer.

Finally, the plugin validates the country’s information. It sends the country name to the Google Geocoding API, which ensures that the provided country name is valid and recognized.

Upon receiving the response from the Google Geocoding API, the plugin can determine the validity of the address details. If the ZIP code, state, and country are all validated successfully, the customer’s address is considered accurate and can proceed with the checkout process.

In cases where the provided address fails the validation process, the WooCommerce system can prompt the customer to review and correct their address information. This helps to minimize address-related errors, ensuring a smoother and more reliable order fulfillment process.

We cache Google Geocoding results in order to fetch information if the same call is going to be executed. In this way, we optimize the general performance and cut costs on Google Geocoding API charges.

By integrating the UP Address Verify plugin into your WordPress WooCommerce e-shop, you can enhance the quality of customer address data, reduce delivery errors, and provide a better overall user experience.