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iPARK reduces customer interaction time by following a simple contactless transaction process. Is fully customizable to match your business beautifully, add your own background and logo to create a homogeneity with your business. Add offers, subscribe to your own mailing list, review form, a thank you message… anything you would like your customers to say or do. 98% of visitors will visit your iPARK page.

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Your customers will love it and the reasons are simple. They have the comfort that their vehicle is a click away at any time. They realize they are leaving our planet’s most negligible pollution footprint. They feel safe in the post-COVID-19 era by keeping their distance.

  • They are informed by SMS when the vehicle is waiting for them
  • Electronic issuance of receipt slip
  • They can pay from their mobile phone

You set up your work while the customer continues to enjoy his stay until you notify him, without stress and queues. Everything takes place in real time between managers, valets, and customers.

Create your account now with 15 days of free full usage!

Easy, fast, and efficient to use

iPARK is so simple that all management is done from a single screen. You see in real-time the parking spots and all the information about the parked vehicle. You can give orders to employees. We have an interface with third-party systems you use, to start welcoming your guests from the sidewalk… You know at all times what is happening since you receive push notifications on your mobile for every movement of your employees or guests.

Multi-dimensional charges

Charge your customers with the unique pricing system that fully reflects your pricing so far, eg 3 euros for the first 3 hours and then 5 euros every hour, with the tariff valid weekdays from 17:00 to 22:00.

Track employees velocity

For each employee, we provide a daily timeline that records every move they made as well as the time it took until the vehicle was finally delivered to the customer. You have a powerful evaluation measure in your hand.

QR Codes for guest invitations

When working on invitation-only receptions or exhibitions, you have the option of sending a QR code to guests prior to arrival. Valet attendants can check in guests by scanning the QR code. You can send a list of emails to iPark and iPark will send an email to each guest, or you can simply print them on your invitations.

Create your account now with 15 days of free full usage!

Create your account now with 15 days of free full usage!